2 Bedrooms

   1 Bathroom

   Total area 79.8 m2

This is a game of imagination and an original architectural idea. Light, open and ergonomic houses for a good vacation and a healthy lifestyle, which delicately combine the time -tested solutions and modern technologies. In private or in a society of people close to you, you will feel natural and comfortable here, and your every day will be filled with joy and peace.

1st floor 80 m2

1  Hallway – 5.5 m2

2  Hall / Kitchen – 31.6 m2

3  Bedroom – 15.6 m2

4  Cabinet – 12.1 m2

5  Bathroom – 8.8 m2

6  Wardrobe – 6.4 m2


Jiva Villa projects can be implemented in traditional solutions using local building materials and popular technologies.
However, we know how to excel.
Experience in creating a healthy microclimate in the house using natural materials and modern technologies is our advantage. By controlling the form, we control the flow of energy.
Your space will become a daily sanatorium for body and soul.
Every morning you will wake up deeply rested, and your life will sparkle with fresh colors and be filled with new revelations.

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