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with Nature

Java Villa houses

This is a reflection of your soul. This is a game of imagination shown in the dance of elegant forms. This courage to change reality and dissolve in harmonious spaces, revealing new opportunities and creative faces of their individuality.

This is your place of power!





Any of your site – from the ordinary field to complex mountain landscapes can turn into a unique point of attraction for those who are looking for space for harmonious life, rest and development.

Using optimal solutions to create complex, non -standard forms and unusual interiors – our team will help to reveal and realize your most extraordinary plans and bold dreams.

White Islands project


The projects are alive can be implemented in the usual solutions using local building materials and popular technologies.
However, we know how to distinguish.
Experience in creating a healthy microclimate in the house using natural materials and modern technologies – this is our advantage. By controlling the form, we control energy flows.
Your space will become a daily sanatorium for the soul and body.
Every morning you will wake up deeply rested, and your life will sparkle with fresh colors and will be filled with new revelations.

Cottage villages

Your investment in the Beautiful

The time has come for new projects. For projects that are breathtaking and I want to wake up to live.

Your investments in cottage villages and health centers are Jiva Villa will not only a successful solution for business development, but will also give society a daily sense of a beautiful and qualitatively new life.

We are participants in the most remarkable change on Earth.

Founder Jiva Villa

Nadezhda Stefanova